How do we commit to our concept?

We commit to the environment in different ways: 


  • Using organic materials for our products: All our products we manufacture are made out of 100 percent organic cotton and quality is guaranteed by the GOTS certificate.

  • Dyeing / printing our products in an environmental-friendly production process: We comply with Oeko-tex Appendix 6, new DETOX regulations and BEPI.  

  • Developing functional, trendy and recyclable packaging: We pack our products in functional and trendy environmental packaging by using only recycled materials and FSC standard for paper.  

  • Creating a comforting social environment for our workers with focus on a green company culture and comply with SA8000.  


With over 10 years of experience in the textiles industry, we realized the hazards of the traditional manufacturing process and how it affected our environment and health. 


We decided to design and manufacture eco-friendly home textile products, created in a healthy working environment and with respect for our beautiful earth. 

We hope that our efforts can improve the quality of life by protecting our environment and letting our customers enjoy trendy and affordable home textiles at the same time. 

  • All our products we manufacture are made out of 100 percent organic cotton


  • Quality is guaranteed by the GOTS certificate


Our products are being dyed or printed according to the highest environmental standards.

We comply with:

  • Oeko-tex Appendix 6

  • New DETOX regulations

  • BEPI


We pack our products in functional and trendy environmental packaging.​

Our standards:​​

  • Use only recycled materials

  • FSC standard for paper


We believe that great products can only be made in a great social environment.

  • We comply with SA8000

  • We focus on a environmental friendly company culture throughout the whole organisation. We do this for example by using recycled materials and recycle our own materials, avoid using printing paper, working with alternative sources of environmental friendly energy.


Organic does not mean boring green or natural designs, but can be developed in very trendy collections. 

We develop every season a new collection, inspired by the upcoming trends and with a respect for the environment during production. 

This collection will be worked out over a full range of home textile products for the kitchen, dining, living and bedroom.

Our Organic Home Textile Assortment
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