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We Design, We Produce

When a designer and factory decide to become one! 

MDTHOME brings you quality home textiles in millions of designs. Sree Baba Fabrics in India guarantees you the production, while MDT Pacific takes you on the design journey so you can create and sell the best home textile products in your shop.

One Quality, Millions of Designs

MDTHOME covers only a limit number of home textile products in one fabric quality, but in millions of designs. This will not only guarantee a sharp price and stable quality, but will also give you the advantages of being innovative in bringing your products in continuously renewing designs.

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We Care

Its all about quality, and we know that! 

Our products are ordered, manufactured and shipped by Sree Baba Fabrics in Karur, India. Our mission is to take care of the earth, guaranteeing green production and providing our customers with the highest quality and social accreditation standards.

Our Product Range

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